My name is Francis Perez, and I have been living in Tennessee since my childhood. Both my parents were immigrants. My Father was from Sri Lanka, and my mother was from Egypt. I grew up with curry based food which had a lot of spices in them.

When I was about 12, my uncle gifted me a book about spices. I was so fascinated by them and spent hours and hours reading about it. This may sound weird, but my mother used to cook amazing dishes, and I thought I could help her with my knowledge of spices.

As I grew older, I became more accustomed to its uses and realized that Americans have many misconceptions about spices. Last year, I graduated in Culinary Management from the Art Insitute of Nashville.

During my time in college, I decided to start an e-commerce platform that sells spices from all around the world.

But first, through this blog, I want to educate people of the multiple benefits that spices have to offer. I also plan to share common American dishes which can make use of spices.

So do check out all the posts, and if you have anything to say, then go to the contact page.


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